Use Your Influence to Build Trust

The bridge towards trust is connection.

The causes of bad days at work are lack of help and support (40 percent) and lack of praise or recognition for the work I do (37 percent). Leaders have the power to influence employees towards more positive days at work through building trust.[1] Leaders can develop and engage people at work through connection. Not just any type of connection; but intentional connection. With more and more companies operating with many remote employees, intentional connection from leadership is vital. And if you can build positivity and fun into the connection: that is the golden ticket.

 Many studies indicate that having events or activities, such as picnics, employee spotlights, or company-wide challenges are ways to bring people together and connect. I find the simple things also bring people together. When I heard of a manager opening his meetings by wishing everyone Happy National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day, it brought a smile to my face. That simple act brings connection in a fun and playful way.

 A study found that organizations with engaged employees outperform those with low employee engagement by 202%. They typically have 40% lower turnover, 21% improved productivity, and 22% higher profitability.[2] Businesses save money, while having a high performing culture, through the simple act of intentional connection. Who will you connect with today?

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