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We help leaders to expand their knowledge to take care of themselves, navigate change, and create an inclusive culture through a suite of services:

Our Keynote Presentations, given by Nicole Van Valen, encompass three transformative topics aimed at fostering workplace resilience, mentorship, and a healthier work environment.

  1. Resilience Rockstar: Grow, Navigate, and Thrive at Work: In today’s rapidly evolving work world, employees find themselves immersed in the pressures of the modern workplace, often unsure how to navigate the constant changes. Juggling work and personal demands for their time, energy, and attention, individuals face heightened levels of stress and burnout. Exhaustion should never be a prerequisite for success. With a focus on empowering you to conquer the challenges of the everchanging workplace, this keynote presentation is divided into three core areas: Discover, Design, Deliver. In Discover, Nicole uncovers the essential elements of developing a resilient mindset. Design equips you with invaluable insights to comprehend the dynamic landscape of work. Finally, in Deliver, we delve into the emotional aspect, arming you with the tools and confidence necessary to cultivate and enhance your resilience.

  2. Mentor Magic: Unleashing the Power of Mentorship: You will discover how having a mentor can be a powerful steppingstone towards advancing careers. Nicole inspires participants to embrace mentorship, unlocking their full potential. By tapping into the vast reservoir of experience, wisdom, and guidance that a mentor provides, attendees will gain the confidence and skills needed to overcome challenges and seize opportunities for professional development. By investing in mentor-mentee relationships, professionals can propel their careers forward, nurture their leadership acumen, and successfully navigate the complexities and landscape of the modern workplace. Together, they will build a stronger organization, rooted in a culture of collaboration, support, and collective success.

  3. Harmonious Leader: Generational Succession with Heart not Hardship: Having a strategy is a critical part of increasing employee engagement, creating a corporate culture of inclusion and connection to your organization’s mission, opening opportunities for talent development. With employees dreading going to work, not feeling safe voicing their work-related opinions, and not feeling respected or valued and thinking about leaving their organization, leadership plays a vital role in developing their employees. This forward-thinking presentation delves into the art of effective succession planning in today’s multi-generational workplace. With an emphasize on the importance of preparing for leadership transitions, ensuring that organizations remain robust and agile in the face of change, Nicole highlights the need for recognizing and harnessing the unique strengths and perspectives of different generations, from the experienced Silent Generation and Baby Boomers to the dynamic Millennials and Gen Z.

Each of these presentations by Nicole is designed to address contemporary challenges in the workplace, providing actionable insights and strategies to enhance both individual and organizational performance.

Keane Insights’ “Executive Coaching” service, spearheaded by Nicole, offers a transformative journey for Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Companies. This service is particularly tailored for those who aspire to redefine their approach to leadership, development, and service, aiming to thrive amidst the dynamic changes of the modern workplace.

Positive Intelligence Coaching and Consulting: Nicole, a seasoned Resilience Coach and Consultant, brings a unique blend of Positive Intelligence training and Family Therapy expertise to address the root causes of challenges, rather than just the symptoms. This approach is designed to fundamentally transform thought processes and perspectives, thereby enhancing effectiveness and driving towards greater company profitability and a brighter future.

The core of this service is a 6-Week Small Group Program that lays the groundwork for this transformative journey. Participants can expect to see immediate results as they progress through the program. The outcomes of this coaching experience include:

  • Building Mental Well-being: Developing a strong foundation to overcome negative emotions like anger, regret, or blame.
  • Positive and Clear Mindset: Learning ways to approach challenges with positivity, clarity, and calmness.
  • Stress and Burnout Reduction: Gaining effective techniques to diminish stress, alleviate self-doubt, and bolster resilience.

In addition to group sessions, Nicole offers Individual Coaching and Consulting, allowing for a more personalized approach to address specific needs and goals. This executive coaching service is an ideal choice for visionary leaders and organizations seeking to transform their approach to challenges, enhance their leadership skills, and create a sustainable path to success in an ever-changing work environment.

Keane Insights presents the “Keane Coach” program, an innovative ‘Train the Trainer’ initiative designed to equip aspiring coaches with the unique methodologies and principles that are the hallmark of Keane Insights’ coaching philosophy. This program aims to create a network of empowered, knowledgeable coaches who can effectively extend the reach and impact of Keane Insights’ core teachings.

Creating a New Generation of Coaches: The Keane Coach program is specifically tailored for individuals passionate about coaching and eager to integrate Keane Insights’ distinct approach into their practice. This program is ideal for those who aspire to become professional coaches, empowering them to guide others effectively.

Comprehensive Training and Certification: Participants in the Keane Coach program will undergo a thorough training process that encompasses the key pillars of Keane Insights’ methodology. This includes:

  • Deep Understanding of Keane Insights’ Core Principles: Learning the foundational elements of Positive Intelligence Coaching, Resilience Training, and other unique strategies developed by Keane Insights.
  • Practical Tools and Resources: Acquiring a toolkit filled with resources, techniques, and strategies to facilitate effective coaching sessions.
  • Skill Development for Effective Coaching: Enhancing personal coaching skills to ensure participants can deliver impactful and transformative coaching experiences.

Empowerment to Start a Coaching Career
: Graduates of the Keane Coach program will be fully equipped to embark on their coaching careers, using the tools and techniques learned to foster positive change in their clients’ lives. They will have the skills to handle various coaching scenarios, from individual personal development to executive leadership coaching.

Building a Community of Coaches: Beyond individual skills, the program fosters a sense of community among participants, enabling them to be part of a network of Keane Coaches. This network will provide ongoing support, resources, and collaboration opportunities, ensuring continuous growth and development in their coaching journey.

The Keane Coach program offers a unique opportunity for individuals to not only develop as professional coaches but to also become ambassadors of Keane Insights’ transformative coaching approach, spreading its positive impact further in the world of personal and professional development.

Our Resilience Webinars and Seminars offers a comprehensive and engaging approach to enhancing resilience in the workplace. This service is designed for organizations and individuals seeking to cultivate a more resilient, adaptive, and positive work culture.

12-Week Resilience Program: This extensive program is the centerpiece of the service, providing in-depth training and insights into building resilience. Over 12 weeks, participants will engage in a series of webinars and seminars that cover various aspects of resilience, from personal coping strategies to organizational best practices. This program is ideal for those who want to delve deeply into the concept of resilience and apply it effectively in their professional lives.

6-Week Mentorship Program: Complementing the resilience training, this mentorship program offers a more personalized approach. Participants will be paired with experienced mentors who will guide them through the application of resilience principles in their specific work contexts. This program aims to ensure that the lessons learned in the resilience program are not only understood but also effectively implemented.

Culture in the Workplace Session: Recognizing the significant impact of workplace culture on overall resilience, this session focuses on how to cultivate a supportive and positive work environment. It explores strategies for enhancing communication, fostering team collaboration, and building a culture that supports mental well-being and resilience.

Each of these components is designed to work in tandem, providing a holistic approach to resilience. Participants will gain valuable skills and knowledge that can transform their approach to challenges, enhance their well-being, and positively impact their organization’s culture. Whether attending as an individual or as part of a team, participants will leave these webinars and seminars with a stronger understanding of resilience and practical tools to apply it in their professional lives.


Nicole is an Adept Spiritual Healer and Teacher of the Sacred Merkaba Love Energy Techniques. She helps people learn ways to bring more love into their lives and properly help others. She provides ways to overcome unpleasant experiences and remove emotions of fear, guilt, and regret from the comfort of home through recordings. Nicole provides one-day and two-day spiritual retreats for participants to experience healing for their mind, body, and soul, and to learn how to accomplish more with less time and energy and maintain enlightenment in a chaotic world. 

Our Spiritual Healings and Teachings are given by Nicole, an Adept Spiritual Healer and Teacher of the Sacred Merkaba Love Energy Techniques. She helps people learn ways to bring more love into their lives and properly help others.

Discover the teachings of the Sacred Merkaba Beginners Love Energy Techniques through recordings in the comfort of your home. Learn ways to overcome unpleasant experiences and remove emotions of fear, guilt, and regret.

Attend our one-day and two-day  spiritual retreats for participants to experience healing for their mind, body, and soul, and to learn how to accomplish more with less time and energy and maintain enlightenment in a chaotic world. You will have the opportunity to advance from these beginner classes to become a healer and teacher. Read more here (Link to https://www.merkaba.org/workshops/